The History of Saint George’s Day – Animated Narration for Kids

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When is St George’s Day?
St. George’s Day is celebrated on the 23rd of April and is England’s national day.

How does England celebrate St George’s Day?
By tradition, people wear a red rose, the national flower, in their button hole.

Who was St George?
Saint George is popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry, and his emblem, a red cross on a white
background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag.
St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard the Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century, but actually he wasn’t English at all.

However, ery little is known about the man who became St George.
St. George is believed to have been born in Cappadocia (now Eastern Turkey) in the year A.D. 270. He was a Christian and at the age of seventeen
he joined the Roman army and soon became famous for his bravery.
When the Emperor Diocletian started persecuting Christians, St. George pleaded with the Emperor to spare their lives.
However, the Emperor Diocletian wouldn’t listen, and Saint George was executed near Lydda in Palestine on the 23rd of April, 303.
In 1222, the Council of Oxford declared April the 23rd to be St George’s Day, and he replaced St Edmund the Martyr as England’s patron saint
in the 14th century. In 1415, April the 23rd was made a national feast day.

Patron Saint
St George is not only the patron saint of England but also of Aragon and Catalonia in Spain, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal
and Russia, as well as some cities.

One of the best-known stories about Saint George is his fight with a dragon. But it’s unlikely that he ever fought a dragon or even visited England. Despite this, St George is known throughout the world as the dragon-slaying patron saint
The legend was first told in the twelfth century, long after his death. There are many versions of the legend of St George slaying the dragon, but most agree on the following:
A town was terrorised by a dragon.
A young princess was offered to the dragon
George slayed the dragon and rescued the princess

How will you celebrate Saint George’s Day?
How about reading this BOOK on George and the Dragon: