The History Of Saint Patrick’s Day – Animated Narration For Kids

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Saint Patrick’s Day is the largest Irish celebration in the world.

Saint Patrick was born in Wales which is just across the sea from Ireland (Although it is also said he may be from Kilpatrick in Scotland).
In 373 the Romans still ruled that part of the world. Many of the people in Wales and Ireland were Druids, who worshipped the sun and other aspects of nature – but Patrick was a Christian.

When Patrick was 16 years old, he was walking along the beach when some pirates seized him. They took him to Ireland and sold him as a slave where he worked in the fields. One day, he heard God telling him to escape, and he ran down to the sea where he found a ship waiting to take him home. When he was grown up, he heard a voice calling on him to return to Ireland and to tell the people there about Christianity – which is what he did.

Patrick travelled the length and breadth of Ireland, and had many adventures while he spread his message. Quite often, the Druid priests were angry with him for telling their followers to change their religion, and his life was always in great danger.

Ireland is a very rainy country, and the fields are emerald green. One of the most common plants that grows among the grass is the shamrock. It’s like a small clover with three leaves. St. Patrick used to pick up the shamrock and explain that the three leaves were the three aspects of God. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

St. Patrick is also famous for driving all the snakes into the sea, so that to this day there are no snakes lurking in the beautiful green grass of Ireland.

The Shamrock and the Snakes are the most famous stories about St. Patrick